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Snyder & Short Enterprises are also distributors for WR Press and Classic Warships Publishing books. Payment can be made by cash, check, or money order payable to Snyder & Short Enterprises; check order page for shipping prices. Sorry, but we cannot take credit cards at this time. California residents, add 7.75% sale tax.

Use the address listed at the bottom of this page to order direct from us.

Books by WR Press

Warships Perspectives #1
Fletcher, Sumner & 
Gearing Class DD's of  WWII
By Jeff Herne
Warships Perspectives #3
Flower Class Corvettes
By John Lambert
Warships Perspectives #2
Atlanta Class 
Cruisers  of WWII
By Glenn Arnold
Warships Perspectives #4
Camouflage Volume I
The Royal Navy 1939 - 1941
By Alan Raven
rn_camo2_cover.jpg (109088 bytes)Warships Perspectives #5
Camouflage Volume II
The Royal Navy 1942
By Alan Raven
RN_Camo_3_cover.jpg (536860 bytes)Warships Perspectives #6
Camouflage Volume III
The Royal Navy 1943
By Alan Raven
WR_flushdecks_front.jpg (571628 bytes)Warships Perspectives #7
Flush Deck 
Destroyers of WWII
By Glenn Arnold
wrpress_essex_cover.jpg (502123 bytes)Warships Perspectives #8
Essex Class Carriers 
In World War II
By Glenn Arnold
Warships Perspectives #9
Camouflage Volume IV
The Royal Navy: Supplemental
By Alan Raven
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