Never Dry Paint Jars

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We are introducing the "Never Dry" modeler's paint jar.  This jar holds two ounces of paint and will not dry out if the lid is tight.

Test samples of Humbrol paints have lost nothing (within .01 gram) in five years in our garage in Sacramento, California, where temperatures range from 20 degrees to 108 degress farenheit.  The garage itself will reach 125 degrees during hot spells.

This is the only paint jar we've found which will keep Humbrol's paints from drying out in a few months.  It will keep fresh any paint the modeler prefers to use.

Stirring paint in these jars is easy because the sides are straight rather than rounded.

Whether using mixes or ready-made colors, the modeler will find that these paint jars are useful and reliable tools.

Retail Price: $1.25each. Jars are sold in minimum units of 4 per order.

A sample jar is available for $2.00, including shipping and handling 
(plus tax for California residents).